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Each of you believed in me and gave me LIFE.

Thank You .

Your Little Fan

It is the story of our little fan. A story about getting to know each other, the emergence of a new friendship, but also - about letting go. An essence of life: to consciously enjoy the beautiful moments. Even if there is often pain in loss - there is also a new beginning in every ending.

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Paul Maresch


Songs by

It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. These all great musicians have inspired Little Fan for its essence.

Color Concept / Modeling & Texturing Set / Rigging

each step is very important and unique.

Animation Department

These artists worked on the film for more than a year and made Little Fan to a PERSONALITY.

Color Concept / Modeling & Texturing / Rigging

Each step is unique and needs a lot of love.

Lighting, Shading, Rendering & VFX

This guy is a very special PERSON. It's hard to believe, but he rendered the whole movie on his home workstation all by himself. (some scenes even several times).

He is incredibly talented, endlessly kind and very polite.

Sound Department

The work with sound department was as exciting as it can ever be.

Comp Artist / Grading & Finishing

This last and very important step. You have done it brilliantly.

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